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Seven Jewels: Distilled Wisdom from Jan Frazier's When Fear Falls Away: The Seventh Jewel

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 The Seventh Jewel

Transcending the great illusions of time

and personal identity.

In these words Jan writes about our need to “transcend” the great illusions of time and personal identity: “Watch the stories you tell yourself. Notice the ways you define yourself in relation to other people, to events, to ideas. Observe yourself interpreting phenomena, how you feel about them, how you behave in response to them….Each time you decline to become engaged in the workings of the storytelling mind—obsessed with past and future, with your sense of identity—you will feel an ease come into your awareness, a relaxation of whatever has had you in its grip” (pp.188-189).
These, then, are the jewels that I have found in Jan Frazier’s When Fear Falls Away. But here’s a secret. The jewels in Jan's book are countless. I have selected what I appealed most to me. I bet you will find words in When Fear Falls Away that appeal to you personally. Words I didn’t even notice. They will resonate with you as if Jan is speaking directly to you. As if she wrote the book with you in mind.

Good luck to you as you find yourself a copy of this book and similar books that bear witness to our true divine self.  

May more and more people experience what Jan Frazier has realized. Let's count our blessings!


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Have you ever experienced sitting in a place that is rather noisy and then everything around you seems to go in slow motion and you just look at everything and realize that it is all just an illusion and time is not real?

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